I'm a closet junker...

They say old habits die hard and while I've been working hard to disprove this theory, I haven't had much luck.  Case in point...my love of a thrift score!  You ever get that feeling, the one where your heart picks up the pace, your head get's all caught up in the "F*** Yeah"  moment, and you even consider stealing that MCM menorah out of that old ladies cart (yes, that was me)?  Well, I happen to LOVE that feeling and thus have managed to amass a grand collection of stuff.  

Stuff. I. Don't. Need.

I've decided to let it all go and want to have fun doing it, so I'm hosting a "pay what you can" sale.  I hope you will come and find that perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.  It's a win/win...you get great stuff and I get to reclaim my studio where it all lives these days.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.59.35 AM.png