I am beyond happy to talk about the invaluable help that I have received from Michelle Elliot over the last ten months. I first met Michelle when she put together three pieces of furniture in my professional office which she did perfectly and very quickly. At that time I was struck with how independently and competently Michelle worked which enabled me to do my own work at the same time. I am an overwhelmed professional with numerous areas of responsibility and, since that first contact, Michelle has helped me to reclaim, organize, and manage my home office and other rooms in my home.

Quite simply put, Michelle is a treasure: first as a human being and then with a cascade of skills. She is simultaneously focused, relaxed, engaged, independent, innovative, chock full of easy-to-implement ideas, and able to discern what will and will not work for me personally. She is whip-smart and warm at the same time, and she listens extraordinarily well. She is totally reliable and the quality of her work, whatever she is doing, is superb.  Being a wordy soul I could certainly say more, but I will simply add that Michelle has made my life so much less stressful and actually happier because I have more time to do what I enjoy in life. I count myself as extremely lucky to have met Michelle and to have her in my world.  And, my usually curmudgeonly spouse jokingly asked her if she would move in with us :).     -L. Grounds

Since the day we moved into our home in the summer of 2014, the shelves in my office closet became a giant catch-all for tools and hardware, interior painting supplies, all my camera gear, art work, art supplies, household supplies, things that couldn’t fit in the fire safe, loose family photos, binders, and piles upon piles of paper stuffed into various containers when I couldn’t stand looking at them on my desk anymore. The more stuff I shoved on those shelves, the less I could find a way to begin to organize it and I’m a proud Virgo who knows how to organize things. Michelle came over and in three hours, with her calm, dedicated, focused energy, helped me purge years worth of papers, find better homes for things, make a huge pile of things to donate and then carefully, thoughtfully and beautifully arranged what was left on the shelves.She even took the donations away for me which I thought was above and beyond. Before Michelle came over to help me with this closet, I seriously got anxiety whenever I’d look towards the closet while working at my desk. Now I walk in to my office closet with joy because I know where things belong. Sometimes I even go in there simply to look at how pretty, functional and artful the shelves look now.  - J. Nichols

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Elliott over the past year and a half. I have very high standards and am continually delighted with her results. Michelle can tackle just about anything and finds no task beneath her. She is responsive, communicative, thorough yet efficient/fast and very easy to work with. She has a fantastic design sense that informs all her projects from staging a beautiful room to hanging artwork to re-organizing a pantry or attic storage space. She approaches each task with equal enthusiasm and precision. And she is a joy to be around—critical when you invite someone into your home and intimate spaces.

Michelle continues to help us achieve a highly functioning and tranquil home space and we feel fortunate to have her ongoing help.  - Amy M.

Michelle was very helpful in making my out of state move easier by measuring my new apartment and drawing up a layout of each room. I will certainly be scheduling more help with her in the future. She was kind, prompt in responses, and delivered all that I asked help for. This was a very stress relieving experience and very much worth it to help out with the stress of moving.                   -Gerry M.

Michelle was prompt, efficient, skilled, and charming! She was super conscientious in our space and did excellent work. Really impressive speed and quality. Highly recommended!!  -Michael P.

Michelle is a superstar! On time, friendly, compassionate and competent. Will use again and will recommend to EVERYONE.  -Julia W.

"M" is for Miracle Worker. I almost don't want to say how good she is because then she'll never be available when I need her again. This woman has it *together*.  -Elizabeth K

Michelle is very efficient and professional. I would definitely hire her again. She has foresight and can "see the need" also can read the room, which is super helpful for an event planner. Thanks!!   -Sarah P.

Michelle came through in a pinch, making a complicated delivery, and communicated impeccably throughout the process.  I'll be working with her again, without a doubt!!  Highly recommended.    -Andrew W.

Michelle is amazing! She's a genius with all-things-Ikea, but strikes me as one of those talented people who can really do it all. She's so personable, darling and fun. She was very patient and kind to my curious 6 year old daughter who wanted to understand the instructions to assemble her dresser. Having just relocated to the area, I see many more projects with Michelle in our future--lucky us!  -Amy M.

Michelle was delightful, full of energy and good suggestions (because of her good experience). I'd hang out with her anytime! But more than that, she kept up with all the guys helping us move and knew exactly where to put stuff when even we couldn't figure it out! Thanks Michelle!  -Andrea M.

Holy Smokes this girl can jam! A year ago, when 3 of life's major curveballs hit me all at once, I managed to, incredibly, shovel the entirety of Two households, furniture and all, into One 600 sq' studio. Where it festered. For a Year... Today, incredibly, Michelle managed to shovel it all out!!  She accomplished in a few hours what I haven't had the impetus to even take a  stab at in a year.  And not One hint of an inkling of Horror smidged her face as she witnessed the Horror! In fact, She was Smiling!  She seemed Happy, Even! And after kindly indulging my spiel about how I'm horrified that a real Person see this, she waved goodbye and jumped feet-first into the abyss. And that girl kicked out every kink in that chaos-She cleared out bag after bag of the "What IS this!?" type of clutter so adeptly, and had such finesse when guiding me gently towards the "junk" pile, that soon I had so much floor space back in my life that I felt like dancing the Tango! And so we did. Thanks Michelle, My Studio is Beautiful😂  ~Lisa

I would give her 16 stars if I could. Michelle is efficient, smart and hard working and really helped me unpack when I moved in to my new place. She had great ideas around organizing and it’s because of her we got so much done in just a few hours. She even took the extra step of taking my things to Goodwill after we were done so I didn’t have to do it myself. She really made my move easier. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She was a pleasure to work with.  -Anjali J.

Michelle left the house in such better shape than when she arrived - rooms organized, laundry distributed/folded/ironed. Extremely efficient and very well organized. Can't recommend highly enough!  -Amy D.

Yet again, Michelle came through for us in a big way.  I can't recommend her enough, she saved us loads of time by helping us pack and prepare for a large move.   -Andrew W.

Michelle was, quite simply, terrific. She was on time (actually a bit early), had all of the necessary tools and assembled furniture accurately and very efficiently. She then cleaned and organized some spaces in my office kitchen. She worked independently has a very peaceful persona. She is a gem.  -Elle G

Michelle was simply AWESOME! We celebrated our daughters birthday/house warming with about 40 guests. We hired Michelle to bartend the event. We had her in charge of setting up the bar, prep work and making cocktails all evening. She even helped clean up before finishing her shift! She had great customer service skills and was extremely personable with everyone. I'd hire Michelle again with no hesitation. Thank You!  -Marc R.

Michelle is a life saver! I was in a total panic about how I was going to get this handled and keep heat going in my house. She was prompt, friendly and hardworking. She will be getting my business again. Thank You Michelle for your great work!  -Bonnie W.

Michelle is good.  I feel especially qualified to say this.  As a young woman I also struck out on my own doing much the same kind of work Michelle is doing.  Here I am forty years later, successful and most of all satisfied with life/work.  

Michelle is great in all the up front ways that include skill, punctuality, listening, hearing.  She brings other gifts/she's kind, gentle, artistic and just plain enjoyable.  I love her work;  not only did she apply finish to my new art supply shelves, she arranged my supplies in a thoughtful and lovely way!  I suspect she's got that organizing mind (I don't).  Go girl, you're a breath of fresh air for us.   -Betty

Michelle is fantastic! She helped us clean and prepare our home for Airbnb. She is thorough, timely, thoughtful and has an amazing eye for detail. She is wonderful to work with as she can imagine the space as the guest would and helped to make it even more welcoming. We will most definitely hire her again. -Jessica D.

Michelle is the best! I felt like I was in a commercial for Michelle this job went so smoothly. I spent more time this summer worrying about this yard work than it took Michelle to just do it. She was kind, fast, and did a *fantastic* job. Can't wait to work with her again!  -Emily W.

Michelle E. was awesome!! Great job!!   -Blaine C.

I can't even tell you how many compliments we received on our party and so many people mentioned how awesome you were.  We seriously couldn't have pulled it off with out you there. Thank you SO much!!  -Murin W.

Michelle helped us with our last move, and I was STOKED to see her available for this move. As always, she had so much more strength, more energy, and most of all, a presence that made me feel like I could trust her to handle my hubby (remember your bad back!) and the other movers that joined us for our move. If you get lucky enough to get into her schedule, book it, you will be as impressed as we are. Michelle is the person you need for any organizing task - she's a quick thinker and can see the larger project while still working hard doing the small details. Thanks Michelle!  -Andrea M.

Michelle is great and an excellent problem solver! She worked quickly and with care!  -Meryl W.

Michelle is awesome, would highly recommend! She was prompt and friendly, worked wonders with my garden! She followed all of my wishes and also had advice for the things I wasn't sure about. Would hire again in a heartbeat. :) - Clarissa K.

I walk into my laundry room now and feel like all is right with the world. When my mom visited, she asked for a tape measure. Before you organized all my tools, that request would have sent me into a spiral of anxiety: I'm not sure where it is. I'm going to have to climb over all that stuff and then paw through that bin full of I-don't-know-what. Leading straight to: Why can't I get my life together?! Instead what happened was I felt a warm glow as I pictured in my mind exactly where it was, and then I walked serenely through my calm and organized laundry room to retrieve it with a smile on my face. My life is so together!  Thank you! -Gypsy T.

Thank you so much for your help!!! I feel very lucky to have been partnered with you, especially for my move!!  -Eleni D.


Thank you Michelle for replacing our store's lights. Michelle was responsive and flexible with scheduling.  - Cristina M.


You would be doing yourself and your family a HUGE favor by hiring Michele! Amazing!   -Mary H.


Michelle was a hard worker and assisted with tasks beyond the planned scope. She helped lead other builders and communicated very well. We definitely got our money's worth with Michelle!!! - Brenda B.


Michelle was fast, friendly, and terrific. will definitely have her back! -C M.


Michelle was very efficient and a pleasure to work with!  - Chris C.


Nailed it. Efficiency is her middle name. Bam! Made a quick and intense move easy.   - Lisa C. 

Michelle is terrific. Did many tasks for me, all well and quickly. Highly recommend.  - Carol Coye B.

Michelle was on time, did the job professionally and was a joy to work with - Pete O.

Michelle came to help us organize in our design studio after an office move. She was very responsive and communicative about scheduling and what we needed done. Michelle worked quickly and independently in our space, and created very organized and cohesive areas for our materials storage and library. The areas she set up are so lovely and well put-together, it is a pleasure to work in those spaces now! Michelle has a great aesthetic sensibility, and she is such a bright spirit, it’s fun to work with her!

Thank you Michelle! - Katie S.

I can't say enough about this company and it's network ! I called 8 other possible handyman #s to help me today. My 9th call was to Michelle Elliott, LLC. at 503 704-4714. Not only did she answer the ph on a Sunday, she sent someone, Martha, within an hour of my call and together we handled a situation that had me totally frustrated ! I will always call her in the future ! A+

Pat O. from University Park

I hired Michelle Elliott to do get me organized . She was amazing - focused, self-sufficient, and she helped me make good decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. She has a big truck and drove it all away at the end of each session, saving receipts for me for the donations. Her business is registered and she is very professional.

Lee Ann M.

Michelle, thinking about today I realize that one of the reasons you’re so good at this stuff is that it’s so easy to respect you. I just think you’re such a bad ass and wish I could have you as my life coach on the daily!!! You’re authentic and honest and have really helped me grow and process one of the toughest things a person can go through. I really meant what I said when you left- just today’s work gives me hope that I can get my life under control and stop feeling so overwhelmed and stressed. So, kudos to you my friend!